Dear colleague,

Our Innovation Kit has received a great response! I decided to simply give you an opportunity to review it (see below) and decide if it is valuable for you. It is FREE and there is no risk. When you decide that it has value and you would like to utilize it, please contact me. We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you,
Zion Bar-El

Below is the link to download the Innovation Kit. I highly recommend to quickly review each element and start working with the kit in the following way:

A. Read the book Introduction to TRIZ (#1), (you can skip it if you already have preliminary knowledge about TRIZ)

B. Read the article Innovate on Demand by Dr. Ron Fulbright (use the link to publications of Dr. Fulbright, #5)

C. Review the CIP flyer (#3)

D. Read the Lesson 1 from the 8 lessons directory (#2)

E. Download the IWB Software from the link provided (#7) and request the unlock code following the prompts and Unlock Instructions (#8) if necessary. In response, you will receive the free unlock code for a 30-day license.

F. Study lessons 2-8 and review the related modules (features) of the software as you move forward.

G. Review the case study Crowded Fridges (#4).

H. Read the remaining articles of Dr. Fulbright.

I. Read the document Ideation and its Office of Innovation (#6)


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